Our Learning Sites

Textiles & Food with Mrs Reeves7 - 13Textiles and Food Technology
Junior Te Reo with Whaea C and Matua Bussy7 - 13Te Reo
Junior Hub with Mrs O'Dowd and Mrs Waldie7 - 8Junior Hub JOD and JWD
Junior Hub with Ms Hulme and Ms Veale7 - 8Junior Hub JHE and JVE
Middle School Music with Dr Shawcross9 - 10Middle School Music
Senior Music with Dr Shawcross11 - 13Senior Music
Junior School Music with Dr Shawcross9 - 10Junior School Music
Food Technology with Mrs Diplock11 - 13Food Technology, Hospitality
Mathematics with Mr Henderson9 - 13Mathematics
Mathematics with Mr Kelderman10 - 13Mathematics
Physical Education 7 - 13Physical Education all levels
Outdoor Education12 - 13Outdoor Ed Level 2 & 3
Biology with Ms Collins12Level 2 Biology
English with Mr Waldie9 - 13English
English with Ms Krohn9 - 13English
Classical studies and English with Ms McLaughlin10 - 13Classical studies English
Middle School English with Mr Brailsford9 - 10Middle School English
Performing Arts with Mrs Ikiua7 - 13Dance & Drama
Science, Chemistry and Physics with Dr Manuel9, 12 and 13Science, Chemistry and Physics
Digital Technology & Social Science with Mrs Davies7 - 13Digital Technologies
Hard Materials & Graphics with Ms Krakosky7 - 13Hard materials and Graphics
Middle School Science with Mrs McLeod9 - 10Middle School Science
Year 11b Science with Mrs McLeod11Year 11b Science
Level 3 Biology with Mrs McLeod13Level 3 Biology
Junior School Visual Arts with Ms Mallinson7 - 8Junior School Visual Art
Middle School Visual Arts with Ms Mallinson9 - 10Middle School Visual Art
Senior Visual Arts with Ms Mallinson11 - 13Senior Art
Photography with Dr Shawcross12 - 13Photography
STEM with Ms CollinsSTEM
Year 11a Science with Ms Collins11Year 11a Science
Middle School Science with Ms Collins9 - 10Middle School Science
Big ScienceBig Science
Sports AcademyLevel 1Sports Academy Level 1
Sports AcademyLevel 3Sports Academy Level 3
Tourism, History, Social studies and Spanish with Mr WickettMulti levelsMr Wicketts classes
CACTUS with Pita McDonald7 - 13CACTUS
E Book LibraryAll studentsE Book Library
Guidance counsellor - Fiona Lauder**Fiona's email

** = All students can email Ms Lauder to book a time to meet via Google meet if you need support.