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Please see the Covid – 19 Communication to Parents page for more information regarding online learning at Westland High School during Lockdown. Remember our Westland High School online etiquette while learning in Google meet classes.

Accounting, Financial capability and STEM with Mrs Davies9 - 13Accounting, Financial capability and STEM
Classical studies and English with Ms Callaghan10 - 13Classical studies English
Computing and Digital Technology / Hangarau Matihiko with Ms Davies and Ms Hulme7 - 13Digital technology
Dance with Mr Gestro-Best7-13Dance
Drama with Mr Gestro-Best7-13Drama
English with Mr Waldie9 - 13English
English with Mrs O'Malley11 - 13English
English with Mr Waller9 English
Food Technology with Mrs Diplock11 - 13Food Technology, Hospitality
JVE Junior Homeroom with Ms Veale 7 - 8Junior Homeroom JVE
JOD Junior Homeroom with Mrs O'Dowd 7 - 8Junior Homeroom JOD
JWD Junior Homeroom with Mrs Waldie7 - 8Junior Homeroom JWD
JSR Junior Homeroom with Ms Sadler7 - 8Junior Homeroom JSR
Junior Te Reo with Whaea C7 - 13Te Reo
Hard Materials & Graphics with Ms Krakosky7 - 13Hard materials and Graphics
Mathematics with Dr Collins9 - 13Mathematics
Mathematics with Mr Kelderman9 - 13Mathematics
Mathematics with Ms Liu9 - 12Mathematics
Music with Dr Shawcross7 - 13Music
ORS with Miss Cunningham7 - 13ORS
Outdoor Education12 - 13Outdoor Ed Level 2 & 3
Photography with Dr Shawcross11 - 13Senior Photography
Photography with Dr Shawcross9 - 10Photography
Physical Education 7 - 13Physical Education
Research with Ms Hulme7 - 8Research
Science Department7 - 13Science Department
Social Studies Department9 - 13Social Studies Department
Social Studies with Ms McMullan and Mr Wickett9 - 10Middle school Social Studies
Sports AcademyLevel 1Sports Academy Level 1
Sports AcademyLevel 3Sports Academy Level 3
STEM with Mr Harrison7-8STEM
STEM with Mr Harrison9-10STEM
Technology Department7-13Technology
Te reo Pakeha with Mr Waller7 - 10Te reo Pakeha
Textiles & Food with Mrs Reeves7 - 13Textiles and Food Technology
Tikanga-a-iwi with Mr BrailsfordJ Te reoTikanga-a-iwi
Tourism, History, Social studies and Spanish with Mr Wickett7 - 13Tourism, History, Social studies and Spanish
Visual Arts with Miss Packham7 - 8Junior School Visual Art
Visual Arts with Ms Mallinson9 - 10Middle School Visual Art
Visual Arts with Ms Mallinson11 - 13Senior Art
Guidance counsellor - Fiona Lauder**fionalauder@westlandhigh.school.nz
Westland High School NCEANCEA
Westland High School Library siteWHS Library

** = All students can email Ms Lauder to book a time to meet via Google meet if you need support.