2023 Head students

Madie Given – Head Student

Ever since I started high school in year nine I always looked up to the head students as role models for the school. I remember talking to my dad after my year nine prizegiving and he said “You have the ability to become a head student when you’re Year 13” and that has always stuck with me. When the opportunity came up to apply for the head student role last year I knew immediately I wanted to apply. I hope to create an inclusive environment throughout the whole school and especially for the junior students who are new to Westland High School. This year I want to begin the SAGA club early in the year to encourage students to be a part of making a difference in the school’s inclusivity and creating a safe environment for all students. So far this year our Runanga Tauira leadership team is an inclusive and supportive team. This allows us to effectively organize events with the support from everyone as well as showing the rest of the school that regardless of who you are, you too can come forward as a student leader and have the same fair opportunities as everyone else. Next year I plan on moving to Christchurch to attend a tertiary education which will allow me to get a degree in film production and design as well as training and competing in the senior Gymnastics team. Outside of school I train and compete in Elite Gymnastics whilst coaching two gymnastics classes. I enjoy going out on the boat and spending time with my friends and family. 

Scott Matthews – Head Student and Student Board Member

Over my years at school I’ve always strived to be the best I could possibly be, and I was honored to be offered the position to be a Head Student at Westland High School, as I am so proud to say I’m a student from Westland High School. I want to show the students how honestly fun and exciting school can truly be and how it’s full of amazing opportunities that I have experienced over my time at Westland High School. My main goal for the year is to always look for ways to improve the school whether it’s environmental or social and show my fellow students that involvement and strong engagement at school makes it the most enjoyable for everyone. What I find the most rewarding is having so much support from the students and staff to do what I love at school, and not a day goes by without someone giving me a big “Hello Scott”. It’s honestly amazing to see the school environment and atmosphere that the students and staff of Westland High School continue to create. So far the plans for my next chapter is to get a job with a local business and start off my working career. Outside of school it is the exact same. It’s so full on and fun. Wood Chopping is my main passion outside of school, traveling around the country each weekend with my brother and my parents chopping together. I absolutely love it. Thank you and bring on 2023 

Ella Stewart – Deputy Head Student

I wanted to give back to Westland High School and the community after all the support I’ve been shown over the past five years as a student. So decided to try for a Head student role. I also want to make small positive changes around the school to make it an overall better place for future students. I want to ensure that when I leave school I’m happy that Westland High School is a better place than it was when I started, and I want to achieve this by working with the other student leaders and student body. Although the year is just beginning, it’s really rewarding to see everyone working alongside each other in the Runanga already. I love seeing how much we can achieve when we all work together as a team, and I’m looking forward to everything we achieve this year. I haven’t made any final decisions about next year after I finish school, but I’m bouncing between studying outdoor education, science, or arts at a tertiary level. I love being in the outdoors – especially kayaking, climbing, and tramping – as well as creative and artistic approaches like music and writing.

Kaira Lourie – Deputy Head Student

I have always looked up to the previous head students and deputy head students. So when the opportunity came along, I knew that I had to apply for the position of a head student. I have always wanted to have a lasting impression on the school and leave the school knowing that I had an impactful role. This year I hope to be a role model for younger students and lead by example. It’s rewarding that I am a part of a group that helps make a positive impact on the school and also being the student voice for the school. Next year I hope to go to the University of Canterbury and study Geology. Outside of school, I enjoy doing anything outdoors. Things such as hiking, biking and swimming. On my walks, you’ll probably see me on the lookout for any cool rocks. I also enjoy reading (mainly anything by Stephen King) but I’ll read anything.