2022 Head students

Demi Pearson – Head Girl

Kia ora my name is Demi and I have fortunately had the opportunity to be Westland High Schools Head girl for 2022. I have lived in Hokitika all my life and have been attending Westland High School since year 7. I can’t express enough how excited I am to finally be in my last year of high school and how lucky I am that I am a senior leader of the school I grew up in. I have many goals for 2022, I’m excited to build my skills from being Head girl and am thrilled to know that I can be a role model for those around and younger than me. I would like to achieve highly in a range of my subjects this year and am hoping to achieve even higher in my sports. I’m thankful for those who have supported me all the way through my schooling years and motivated me to become Head girl. I look forward to working alongside Head boy Jesse Jones, deputy head students Cassidy Bradley and Nate Cory, and the rest of the Runanga Tauira to help build a fun and enjoyable environment for all students and staff at Westland High School.

Jesse Jones – Head Boy

Hello my name is Jesse, I am very fortunate to have the role of Head boy at Westland High School for the year of 2022. I have lived in Hokitika my entire life and completed my transition from Hokitika Primary School to Westland High School as a young year 7. Through my years at Westland I have learnt many new and exciting skills and hope to enhance these through the role of Head boy. My overall goal is to make Westland high school a fun and exciting place for children to learn while also achieving high standards within my classes and everyday life. I would like to thank all the people who helped get me toward the role of Head boy and I am more than excited to be working alongside Head girl Demi Pearson, Deputy Head students Nate Croy and Cassidy Bradley, and the Runanga Tauira for 2022.

Cassidy Bradley – Deputy Head Girl

Hello, my name is Cassidy and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to take on the roles of Deputy Head Girl and the student representative for the Board of Trustees in 2022. I have been a student at Westland High School for the past 6 years and have lived in Hokitika my entire life. My hope this year is to achieve a merit/excellence endorsement through level 3 and continue onto tertiary education after this year. I look forward to working alongside the other head students Jesse, Demi and Nate, including the Runanga Tauira in the hopes to build a more inclusive environment and strive to make positive changes for students in 2022.

Nate Croy – Deputy Head Boy

My name is Nate, I was born in Dunedin and have lived on the West Coast for the majority of my life. I attended Christchurch boys High School for 2 years before returning to Westland. I hope to achieve an overall endorsement in level 3 this year. I am excited to work alongside the other student leaders and finish off my last school year here at Westland High.