How-to guides and study tips

‘How to’ Guide for Study Success                                    


  1. Create an organised study space                          
    Check out these great study space tips for inspiration
  2. Make a study schedule
    Use this study tool to make a schedule that will help you keep your study on track
  3. Study with friends or in a group
    Creating a study group with friends helps keep you motivated – and exposes you to new ideas and opinions you might not have considered!
  4. Train your brain to remember information
    Find out how to exercise your brain for optimal memory retention
  5. Plan for exam day
    Take control on exam day so exams don’t control you
  6. Study in small chunks
    Here’s a scientific look at why small, regular chunks of study are more effective than long hours of last minute cramming
  7. Learn how to take good notes
    Good note-taking is key to reducing stress when studying
  8. Balance revision with rest
    It’s more important to get a good night’s sleep the night before an exam than doing more last minute revision
  9. Tackle your least favourite subjects first
    Willpower is a limited resource so tackle your toughest subjects first so you don’t run out of steam
  10. Keep focused
    Here are 10 top tips for staying focused