Will Teen


Former Westland High School students contributing to the international community:

Will Teen                

Industry: Motorcycle mechanic/ Firefighter

Attended Westland High School: 1983 – 1988

Vocational Pathway: A practical person, Will loved Technical Drawing, Metal Work and Woodwork at school.

“The teachers I had at Westland High always encouraged me to follow a path that I enjoyed and the school definitely had the resources to build up a great skill base in welding, machining and technical drawing.  Thirty years later I still use these skills all the time.”

After school Will was an apprentice motorcycle mechanic at Eric Wood Suzuki, Christchurch, then moved to Australia and worked in a Yamaha shop in Queensland.  His boss secured him a job in England in a race team and then he moved to a job working for the Castrol Honda World Supersport team.  This great job enabled him to travel the world for 3 years working with the best machinery and made many great friends.  After his work visa expired he had to return to Australia.

On returning to Australia Will worked for Yamaha Australia in their race team and then he applied for something very different….. he decided to become a fire fighter!


Being a firefighter is very much a problem-solving job and his experience in some pretty stressful racing situations has come in very handy.  Day to day Will could be attending fires, car crashes, swift water rescues or getting cats out of trees!

“I really love the variety of this job and know that many of my base skills came from the things I had been taught at school.  The people I had around me growing up always encouraged me to have a go at anything and that was always the case at Westland High School.”

More information: Motor Cycle mechanic: https://www.careers.govt.nz/qualifications/view/3447/9013

Firefighter: https://www.careers.govt.nz/jobs-database/government-law-and-safety/public-order-safety/firefighter/

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