WHS Homestay programme

WHS Homestay Programme

All international students enrolled at Westland High School are provided with local homestay accommodation

Your homestay family will

  1. Provide a safe home environment, a bedroom with a desk and meals, laundry. All hosts over the age of 18 years are police vetted. The International Director interviews all families in their own homes and assesses for suitability. Families are visited regularly.
  2. Be matched with the information on your application form, so please tell us as much about you and your life as possible.We want to know all about your own family, your interests, what you’d like to achieve out of your time in New Zealand and what is important to you in your New Zealand host family when you apply
  3. Expect you to be one of the family and help around the house.
  4. Teach you about the New Zealand way of life.

Host profiles:

We will send you through a profile for your New Zealand host family a few weeks before you arrive in New Zealand. The profile will give you contact details, and personal information and photos of the family, house and bedroom. The profile will contain contact information for your New Zealand host family, and we encourage our students and their families to connect with and get to know their New Zealand host families in the weeks before their arrival.

My family is coming to visit me in New Zealand, what should I do?

We fully encourage our international families to visit their students in New Zealand. The best time to do this is after the first few months, once the students are feeling happy and settled. Please always discuss this with the International Director before making any arrangements

Monthly Reports

Hosts and students write monthly reports. If there are any concerns it is advisable to discuss them with the International Director as soon as possible,

Interested in being a host?

These are the qualities we are looking for:

Hosting assessment