Sustainable environmental practices

Sustainability plays an important role at Westland High School, influencing both our day-to-day operations and future decision-making. We’re committed to doing the right thing to ensure a sustainable future for our students and the community at large.

We seek to reduce our carbon footprint and teach students about sustainable practices. We want to help ensure that our students are equipped to deal with ever-changing environmental and social challenges once they leave Westland High School.

Westland High School is a proud partner organisation of the Hokitika Green Team which aims to inspire eco-smart actions and choices in the local community.

The school has a recycling programme for paper and plastic.

In partnership with Sue Tuffnell, from the Incredible Edible programme, the high school campus has a covered green garden which grows food for the community. Students can also use the space to grow vegetables, especially if they are unable to do so at home.

The Westland High School Outdoor Education programme is committed to the Leave No Trace outdoor ethics and conservation philosophy and this awareness is shared with outdoor education students.

Westland High School also acknowledges that sustainability is about more than environmental sustainability; it also includes social sustainably. Last year, Westland High School students worked with the Westland Industrial Heritage Park team to create a mural. This is part of helping today’s generation retain a sustainable connection to their history.

Westland High School is also working on an anti-bullying project which again aims to build social sustainability through fostering resilient individuals and a positive culture within the student body.