Student contract – Standards of behaviour

International Students Agreement

Conditions of Participation. These conditions are aimed at keeping the student safe.


  • Attendance at school every day is obligatory, except if the student is ill.  If dismissed from school due to lack of attendance or for disciplinary reasons, the student will be sent back to their own country.
  • Students must follow the school’s standards of conduct and the school’s rules (including behaviour towards others, wearing uniform, following instructions from staff)
  • Students agree to attend scheduled meetings with the International Director and / or the Westland High School Homestay Co-ordinator.
  • Students will complete a monthly report for the Homestay Co-ordinator..
  • Students will liaise with the International Director if family or friends from their home country wish to visit.

Accommodation / host families

  • Homestay accommodation only is available for international students. Placement is the responsibility of the school.
  • Students must obtain approval from their host family for all activities engaged in and the host family must know where the student is, with whom and when he/she will return, at all times.
  • Students are expected to abide by family rules and standards.
  • Students who wish to change accommodation must discuss this with the Homestay Co-ordinator and International Director.
  • Students are not permitted to stay in accommodation without adult supervision only with consent from the International Director.



  • Westland High School and the host family may act on the student’s behalf in any emergency, accident or illness.  The student may be examined and treated at an appropriate medical facility and to make necessary referrals to outside physicians and facilities as indicated.  Parents of the student agree to release information regarding their child’s health to any individuals designated by Westland High School. This covers the period from the time the student boards transportation scheduled at the commencement of the programme until the end of the programme.



  • No drinking of alcoholic beverages.  The only exception will be in the host family and with their permission.
  • No drugs or association with anyone involved with drugs in any way
  • Students must not smoke in public.
  • Students are not permitted to visit such places as pornographic shops, adult theatres, nightclubs or drinking establishments.
  • Students must not take a job outside the host family home during the programme unless they have permission from NZ immigration and the host family.
  • If the student admits to a criminal law violation or is arrested and charged, or if reliable information is received that he/she will be arrested and charged, the student will be returned to the home country as soon as is legally possible.



  • No driving of any vehicles, motorcycles or farm machinery is permitted at any time during the programme.   The student is not permitted to be a pillion passenger on a motor cycle. He/ she must have prior permission from the Director to be a passenger in a student’s car.
  • The student is not allowed to travel outside the Hokitika/Greymouth area by him/herself or with friends without permission from the International Director.. Overnight travelling is permitted with the host family or another family if prior consent has been received from the student’s host family and the International Director.  Overnight travelling is also permitted with an approved group. A travel form must be completed by the student and host, and approved by the homestay co-ordinator and International Director should the student wish to travel. Seven days notice is required.
  • Students are not permitted to hitch-hike, either alone or with friends.
  • Students are not allowed to participate in dangerous activities such as, but not limited to, bungy-jumping, hang-gliding, parachute jumping or white-water rafting without written permission from their parents, hosts and the International Director.
  • Permission from natural parents and the director is required for helicopter flights..
  • All students are expected to return to their home country at the end of their stay.


I understand all the conditions of participation in the Westland High School academic programme and I agree that if I break these conditions I am liable to be sent back to my home country at my (my parents’) expense and without any refund of the tuition fees.


___________________________________ _____________________ Signature of student Date


___________________________________ _____________________

Signature of parent Date

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