Senior Arts assessment schedules

SubjectYearsCredits Available Assessment schedule
Music with Dr Shawcross1120Music
Music with Dr Shawcross1220Music
Music with Dr Shawcross1322Music
Visual Arts with Ms Mallinson1122Visual Arts
Painting with Ms Mallinson1220Painting
Printing with Ms Mallinson1220Printing
Photography with Dr Shawcross1220Photography
Painting with Ms mallinson1322painting
Printing with Ms Mallinson1322Printing
Photography with Dr Shawcross1322Photography
Drama with Mrs Ikiua1140Drama
Dance with Mrs Ikiua1120Dance
Drama with Mrs Ikiua1255Drama
Dance with Mrs Ikiua1222Dance
Drama with Mrs Ikiua1352Drama
Dance with Mrs Ikiua1333Dance