Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule

Building Development10 February 20204:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Finance10 February 20205:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Board of Trustees17 February 20206:00pmWHS Library
Self Review 1 - FinanceWeek Commencing 2 March 2020
Building Development9 March 20204:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Finance9 March 20205:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Board of Trustees16 March 20206:00pmWHS Library
Building Development11 May 20204:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Finance11 May 20205:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Board of Trustees25 May 20206:00pmWHS Library
Self Review 2 - Health and SafetyWeek Commencing 2 June 2020
Building Development8 June 20204:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Finance8 June 20205:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Board of Trustees22 June 20206:00pmWHS staffroom
Building Development20 July 20204:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Finance20 July 20205:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Board of Trustees27 July 20206:00pmWHS staffroom
Self Review 3 - PropertyWeek Commencing 7 August 2020
Building Development14 September 20204:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Finance14 September 20205:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Board of Trustees21 September 20206:00pmWHS staffroom
Building Development12 October 20204:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Finance12 October 20205:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Board of Trustees19 October 20206:00pmWHS staffroom
Building Development9 November 20204:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Finance9 November 20205:30pmPrincipal’s Office
Board of Trustees7 December 20206:00pmWHS staffroom

Upcoming events

Friday 11 Dec

11th December Last day of term 4, 2020.

Friday 11 Dec

11th December Junior and middle school prizegiving takes place at the Regent theatre.

Monday 30 Nov

Westland Anniversay Day holiday. No school.

Monday 23 Nov

23rd November Senior Prizegiving takes place at the Regent Theatre.

Monday 23 Nov

  23rd of November Tecaher Only Day. No School. This is a day set by the Ministry of Education and will be co... [Read more]

Friday 13 Nov

13th November Senior students go on study leave for their NCEA exams.
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