Level 2 Photography


Successful completion of Level 1 visual arts, including the 12 credit folio. See Mr Shawcross or Ms Mallinson for more information.

Course description:

Students will select subject matter and artistic ideas based on their own interests. Research into the history of photography and the development of photographic methods, processes, procedures and techniques including contemporary digital processes is an important component of this course. Photography artists relating to individual interests will be studied so that students can learn about a range of ideas and approaches from contemporary art photography practice.

Credits available:

AS91312 Use drawing methods to apply knowledge of conventions appropriate to photography 4

AS91317 Develop ideas in a related series of drawings appropriate to established photography practice 4

AS91322 Produce a systematic body of work that shows understanding of art making conventions and ideas within photography 12

Leads to:

Level 3 Photography, and Westnet Level 3 Art History.

Cost: To be confirmed. Students need to have their own digital camera.

Contact: Ms Mallinson or Mr Shawcross

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