Level 3 Geography


Level 2 Literacy and preferably Numeracy or, at least 12 credits in Level 2 Geography, or, see Mr Wickett

Course description:

Geography looks at our environment and how we deal with natural and cultural events and how we interact with nature. It uses ideas from geology, physics, chemistry, sociology, psychology, climatology, biology, population science and statistics to attempt to explain why and how humans live/die, exist, work and play in distinct areas of our world.

Topics covered:

Topic 1: Contemporary Event (Music Festival)

Topic 2: Coastal/Regional Research (West Coast/ WHS)

Topic 3: Environmental Issue(Milford Sound ‘Short Cut’)

Topic 4: Diamond Trade (Global)

Topic 5: Coastal Processes(West Coast)

Topic 6: Geographic Skills and Ideas

Credits available:

Number Title I or E* Credits
3.3 Analyse a significant contemporary event from a geographic perspective I 3
3.5 Conduct geographic research with consultation I 5
3.6 Analyse aspects of a contemporary geographic issue I 3
3.7 Analyse aspects of a geographic topic at a global scale I 3
3.1 Demonstrate understanding of how interacting natural processes shape a New Zealand geographic environment E 4
3.4 Demonstrate understanding of a given environment(s) through the selection and application of geographic concepts and skills E 4

I or E * = Internal or external assessments

Leads to: NCEA Scholarship Geography and Year 1 Geography/Geology/ Earth/Environmental studies at University.

Cost: One three-day field trip.

Contact: Mr R Wickett

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