Level 3 Design and visual communication (Graphics)


Minimum of 12 level 2 credits in year 12 Graphics or with prior approval with the teacher.

Course description:

At this level you will negotiate your projects with the teacher and an individual learning programme will be set to meet your interests and specific needs. You will need to work with a client and on real scenarios. You will be expected to liaise with your client and seek feedback from them in developing your project. Your first project will be in an architectural context. If time allows, a second project will be in the context of product design. It is essential for you to plan and manage your time effectively inside and outside of class to be able to meet the negotiated deadlines. Students are expected to work with independence at this level.


This is an achievement standard course, students will work on up to two folios of work that will be assessed both internally and externally up to a maximum of 20 credits.

Credits available:

Number Title I or E* Credits
AS 91628 Develop a visual presentation that exhibits a design outcome to an audience I 6
AS 91630 Resolve a products design through graphics practice I 6
AS 91629 Resolve a spatial design through graphics practice I 6
AS 91627 Initiate design ideas through exploration E 4
AS 91631 Produce working drawings to communicate production details for a complex design E 6

I or E * = Internal or external assessments


You will need to purchase an A3 visual diary at a cost of around $8. You will also need your graphics pack from year 11. If you don’t have this you will be expected to purchase one for a cost of around $20.


Ana Krakosky

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