Level 3 Classical Studies


At level two a minimum of 12 English credits.

Course description: The dawn of our culture began with the ancient Greeks and Romans. We owe our modern identity to the courage and the creativity of the people who lived in these civilisations. Classics is not just about learning history. It is more about finding a personal connection with the people in our past. Be prepared to enter imaginatively into a time where gods and heroes roamed the earth; a world where people fought and died on the whims of Tyrants. A place where political intrigue, scandal, violence and drama brought both rise and downfall to those willing to participate in the leadership and development of the most advanced societies the world had ever seen. This year focuses on: a study of Virgil’s The Aeneid, Alexander the Great and his cultural impact and the influence of Roman architecture. The Romans developed engineering techniques the world had never seen before. heir complete mastery of construction enabled them to create the building blocks of their great empire and would leave a lasting influence and legacy on subsequent cultures and time periods around the globe. AKA, if I copy the Romans’ architecture – maybe I’ll be powerful like them?

Credits available:

AS 91394: Analyse ideas and values of the classical world External: 4 credits.

AS 91396: Analyse the impact of a significant historical figure on the classical world External: 6 credits.

AS 91397: Demonstrate understanding of significant ideologies in the classical world Internal: 6 credits.

AS 91398: Demonstrate understanding of the lasting influences of the classical world on other cultures across time Internal: 6 credits.

(Total: 22 credits)

Leads to:

Humanities courses and papers at university.

Cost:  –

Contact: Ms McLaughlin

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