Level 2 Mathematics  


Satisfactory completion of the Level 1 Mathematics B course; at least 12 credits from achievement standards including the number standard.

Course description:

This is a course designed for those students who wish to study some more mathematics beyond level one. It introduces some new and interesting areas of mathematics that participants will not have encountered.

Topics covered:

– An introduction to networks

– Questionnaire design

– Using trigonometry skills to solve problems.

– An introduction to statistical inference

Credits available:

The table below shows the credits available within the subject.


Number   Title I or E*    Credits
91260 Apply network methods in solving problems I 2
91263 Design a questionnaire I 3
91259 Apply trigonometric relationships in solving problems I 3
91264 Use statistical methods to make an inference I 4


I or E * = Internal or external assessments

Leads to:

Non advancing.

Cost: $25 for workbooks. A scientific calculator is essential.

Contact: Mr J Straker

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