Level 2 Design and visual communication (Graphics)


10 credits in Level 1 DVC

Course description:

This course builds on the knowledge and skills you have learnt in Level 1 DVC. Students will further develop their understanding of the design process and will be expected to work with more independence. They will need to work with a client in developing their design ideas. Students will learn how to critically analyse their own and others designs to improve their own work. Folios of work will be presented for both internal and external assessment.

Credits available:

Number Title I or E* Credits
AS 91342 Develop a product design through graphics practice I 6
AS 91340 Use the characteristics of a design movement or era to inform own design ideas I 3
AS 91341 Develop a spatial design through graphics practice I 6
AS 91337 Use visual communication techniques to generate design ideas E 3
AS 91338 Produce working drawings to communicate technical details of a design E 4
AS 91339 Produce instrumental perspective projection drawings to communicate design ideas E 3

I or E * = Internal or external assessments

This course will lead to further training in architecture and design.

Cost: You will need your Graphics Stationery Pack from level 1 DVC. You will also need an A3 Visual Diary which may be purchased from the school.

Contact: Ana Krakosky

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