Level 1 Sport and Rugby Academy


Commitment to a team ethos and to work practically and physically to achieve success. Applications accepted from anyone (no matter what gender) as long as you are willing to get fitter, smarter and stronger (note — counts as two subject lines).

Course description:

We will cover both literacy and numeracy elements for Level 1 while looking at courses like first aid, and rugby refereeing/coaching. In total 40 credits are available, 20 at level 1 (literacy and numeracy) and coaching and first aid courses are level 2 and 3.

Course objectives:

We will be using rugby as a context for the learning. So whereas another English class might be studying Shakespeare and doing essays, this class will use English in a more real world/practical sense and in a context which is more identifiable: sport. No essays. We will be looking at what rugby greats have said about the game and exploring/testing their theories while putting our English and Mathematics skills to the test in a real-world context like planning rugby tours, organising our own fundraising, testing accelerated progress techniques using ourselves as test subjects. All of this means using Mathematics and English to help achieve our individual and squad goals.

Credits available: Literacy and Numeracy Unit Standards:

Number Title I or E* Credits
26624 Read texts with understanding I 3
26622 Write to communicate ideas for a purpose and audience I 4
26625 Actively participate in spoken interactions I 3
26623 Use number to solve problems I 4
26626 Interpret statistical information for a purpose I 3
26627 Use measurement to solve problems I 3

I or E * = Internal or external assessments

Other unit standards:

Leads to: Level 2 course next year.

Contact: Mr Waller


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11th December Last day of term 4, 2020.

Friday 11 Dec

11th December Junior and middle school prizegiving takes place at the Regent theatre.

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23rd November Senior Prizegiving takes place at the Regent Theatre.

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13th November Senior students go on study leave for their NCEA exams.

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Monday 12 Oct

Term 4 begins

Friday 25 Sep

Last day of term 3.

Friday 25 Sep

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