Level 1 Science A


Satisfactory completion of SCIFC or SCIPC, SCISF, SCIAE or SCISW, and SCIEA is also highly desirable preparation for this course.

Course description:

This course is aimed at developing critical scientific thinking skills and leads directly to the any or all of the sciences — biology, chemistry and physics at levels 2 and 3.

Topics covered:

  • Investigating interactions between humans and microorganisms
  • Learning about genetics, inheritance and variation
  • Gaining good basic knowledge of chemistry, including acids and alkalis and their reactions, and carrying out practical chemistry investigations.
  • Mechanics — understanding motion, forces, pressure, work, energy and power
  • Carrying out practical physics investigation

Credits available:

The table below shows the credits available within the subject.

Number   Title I or E*    Credits
90950 Investigate interactions between humans and microorganisms                      I 4
90948 Demonstrate understanding of biological ideas relating to genetic variation   E 4
90944   Demonstrate understanding of aspects of acids and bases                   E 4
90930 Carry out a practical (chemistry) investigation with direction      I 4
90940 Demonstrate understanding of aspects of mechanics E 4
90935 Carry out a practical investigation, with direction, that leads to a linear mathematical relationship    I 4


I or E * = Internal or external assessments

Leads to: NCEA level 2 – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Cost: Purchase of workbooks ($40) is advised.

Contact: Dr C Manuel

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