Level 1 Hospitality and Cookery


To take this course you must have successfully completed at least one, and preferably two, trimesters of food technology in the middle school.

Course description:

This unit standard course, available to Year 11 students, recognises the competence, knowledge, and skills required for cooking routine food dishes in a commercial kitchen. Students who pass these unit standards are able to demonstrate a range of foundation preparation techniques and cookery methods, and are able to present dishes to restaurant standard.

The unit standards cover knowledge and skills relating to: food safety; safe and hygienic kitchen practices and routines; preparing and presenting sandwiches; preparing and cutting fruit and vegetables; handling and maintaining knives; cooking and presenting food items.

Credits available:

Number Title I or E* Credits
US 167 Practise food safety methods in a food business under supervision (Level 2) I 4
US 21059 Demonstrate knowledge of knife care, use, storage and carrying for the hospitality industry I 2
US 15901 Prepare and present fruit and vegetables in the hospitality industry I 3
US 15921 Prepare and cook a cake, sponge and a batch of scones in the hospitality industry I 3
US 19770 Prepare and present egg and cheese dishes in the hospitality industry I 3
US 15919 Prepare and present hot finger food in the hospitality industry I 2
US 15920 Prepare and present sauce and soup in the hospitality industry I 2
US 15900 Prepare and present meat in the hospitality industry I 4
US 21058 Identify career pathways in the hospitality industry I 2

I or E * = Internal or external assessments

Assessment is frequent, therefore a high level of attendance, independence and self-management is required.

To subsidise food costs and to provide realistic assessment opportunities with some of the assessment dishes in the latter part of the year will be sold through live restaurants held in the food room.

Cost: $150. All ingredients will be supplied for this course except some optional items that students may wish to bring.

Contact: Ms Byrne or Mrs Davies

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