Level 1 Accounting



Course description:

This course introduces students to the financial world as it affects individuals, community organisations and businesses.  

Much more than just for those wanting to be accountants, accounting provides financial skills for any chosen career path.  Financial literacy, communication, research, decision making, problem solving and analysis and interpretation

Topics include:  making financial decisions; preparing financial statements for a sole proprietor; processing financial information for a sole proprietor; giving guidance to managing your own personal finances.


Up to 24 credits available.  (7 credits contribute towards NCEA literacy). A mix of internal and external credits

Credits available:

Number Title I or E * Credits
AS 90976 Demonstrate understanding of accounting concepts for small entities E 3
AS 90977 Process financial transactions for a small entity I 5
AS 90978 Prepare financial statements for sole proprietors E 5
AS 90979 Prepare financial information for a community organisation’s annual general meeting I 4
AS 90980 Interpret accounting  information for sole proprietors E 4
AS 90981 Make a financial decision for an individual or group I 3

I or E * = Internal or external assessments

Cost: $25-$30 for a recommended learning workbook

Contact: Mrs Gail Davies

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