English – Te Reo Ingarihi

Curriculum  level Compulsory  or Elective     Frequency   Learning
Junior School (Years 7-8) Compulsory Full year
(4 hours per week) 
Integrated grammar and creative writing that is embedded into cross-curricular activities and exercises.


Middle School (Years 9-10) Compulsory Full year

(4 hours per week)

The middle school English curriculum has three streams: a foundation stream (primarily focused on improving literacy), an open class and an advanced class. The curriculum is theme-based with some of the themes being Journalism, Creative Writing, Shakespeare, Advertising and Poetry, however, the work is scaled up or down according to the needs of the students in each stream. By the end of year 10, students in the advanced class will be prepared to achieve “Excellence” at NCEA Level 1 English.


Senior School (Year 11) Compulsory (Students must achieve at least 10 literacy credits)


Full year

(4 hours per week)

Follows the NCEA Level 1 curriculum and classes are grouped according to the same streams as the Middle School. The foundation class works towards Unit Standards, whereas the open class and advanced class work towards Achievement Standards.

To achieve NCEA Level 1 students must gain 24 credits (of which 16 are internal and 8 exam-based).


Senior School (Years 12-13) Elective Full year

(4 hours per week)

To achieve NCEA Level 2 students must have 10 or more Achievement standard English credits at level 1. The NCEA Level 2 course will have both academic and practical elements which will cover a diverse range of disciplines. There are no unit standards in this course. To achieve NCEA Level 3 students must have Literacy at Level 2, ideally in Level 2 English at Merit or Excellence. This course will explore the most important works of literature and film and ask the question why are they the cornerstones of their cannons? Students will be learning how critical lenses allow us to unpack a text to new depths of understanding and inference. This is the course for those who can push themselves to work on large projects.

Additional English options

Westland High School students who have an interest in English have the opportunity to get involved with Westland High School’s yearbook “Pounamu”, which has student editorial staff. They also have the opportunity to contribute articles and writing for the school newsletter.

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