Kai Whakapai Menu

Making good, healthy, homemade food options for our students and staff.

Both Lunch items and morning tea items are available for order online. The cut off for ordering online is 9am daily.

Morning Tea

Bircher Bowls   $4   (GF available on order* $4.50)    

Homemade granola layered with natural yogurt and fruit.

McKai Muffins   $4   (GF available on order* $4.50)    

Fried egg, ham, with cheese and aioli/mayo in a warmed english muffin split, a proven favourite.

Loaded Toast   $3    

Spaghetti and cheese topped or meat lovers, this will change up every day but guaranteed to be yum!

Muffins   $2   (GF always available $2.50)    

Freshly made daily, flavours get changed up and include some kind of real fruit, made from scratch (no muffin mixes here)

Pizza Slice   $2

What more can we say

Hummus Cups   $4   (GF)   

Carrot and celery sticks, cheese sticks, hard boiled free range egg served with hummus



Kai Bowl   $5 – $7

Changes weekly, a really good homemade meal.  Advertised on our blackboards and school facebook page at the start of the week.

Sushi   $7   (GF – Mondays and Tuesdays only)

Shoyu Chicken, Tuna Mayo or Vegetarian with egg.  Soy sauce (GF), wasabi, wasabi mayo and pickled ginger available please ask (we’re not dishing out those little plastic fishies as they are not good for our fishies!)

Ciabatta Bun   $6   (GF sandwich available on order* $5.50)

Meat (of the day) or Vegetarian with salad greens and lashings of homemade aioli.

Ciabatta Bun with Sliced Salami and Cheese     $3.50

Green Salad   $5    (GF)

Green Salad with free range egg   $5.50

Mac n Cheese   $5   (GF available on order* $5.50)

Bangers n Mash   $4   (GF)   

Wraps $4

1/2 wrap filled with ham & mashed egg, salad greens, cream cheese, Barkers apricot and capsicum chutney plus grated cheese and carrot.

Friday Pie Day   $4   (Fridays only)  

Available for an end of week treat…Mince & Cheese, Steak or Potato Top.

All Day

Scroggin Biscuits   $.50

Kettle Crisps   $2   

Yes we know it’s in a packet but sometimes you just need a bag of crisps…balance that out with a piece of fruit in it’s own packet!

Fresh Fruit   $1

Yogurt pottles   $1



Milk Shakes   $4

Simply good…icecream (either vanilla or chocolate) shaken up with a ‘nana and milk.

Smoothies   $4

Banana and berries, blitz’d up with some goodies like chia seeds, water, apple juice, lemon and linseed.

Cans   $3

Small serve drinks (that is all you need guys), no straws and in recyclable aluminium cans, please rinse these and return to the cafe

Fresh Milk   $2

300ml of blue or trim milk, really popular…yes!….no straws, no plastic…yes!


All our packaging and cutlery is compostable (made of plant based products). You  can also bring your own plate, smoothie cup, just order in advance and drop off so we can plate you up (bring our own cutlery even better)


Food Allergy Warning ‘Gluten free’ foods…our gluten free foods are prepared in the same kitchen as foods containing gluten.  While we are very careful, we cannot guarantee cross contamination. 

Please note all foods prepared onsite may contain traces of nuts, dairy, egg, gluten or other allergens. Please be aware of any allergies you may have before consuming

Thank you for your understanding.

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