The Westland High School uniform enhances unity in our school and gives a sense of belonging.

Students are expected to take pride in their uniform and wear it as required. It is worn at school, when travelling to and from school, and at school events as appropriate. All uniform items must be clearly named.

Students are also expected and encouraged to take pride in their general appearance and conform to the following guidelines.

  • Hair should be clean, and tied back if it is longer than collar length. Dyed hair and extreme hairstyles are not permitted at school.
  • The only items of jewellery permitted are sleepers or plain studs (one per ear), a watch, a culturally significant item such as a Taonga worn around the neck (and under the uniform). Other body piercings (e.g. nose, eyebrow) must be free of jewellery during the school day.
  • Make-up and nail polish are not to be worn at school.
  • Male students must be clean shaven.
  • Dress guidelines are issued prior to any mufti days.

All Students


  • Long or short sleeved plain shirt, tails tucked in (white); or
  • Plain Polo shirt (white)


  • School tie

Jersey and Jacket

  • Blazer with school emblem (dark royal)
  • Jersey or cardigan with school emblem, V-necked (dark royal)
  • Softshell jacket with school emblem (navy)


  • Long dress trousers (black) - not jeans


  • Flat soled shoes (plain black); or
  • Sandals, flat soled, plain, strapped (black or brown)


  • Black socks


  • Skirt or kilt (MacKenzie tartan) The skirt may be made to any tailored A-line pattern
  • Culottes, dress shorts (navy)


Shorts, informal, drill shorts (mid-grey)

Physical Education & Drama Uniform

  • Short sleeved school sports top (two-toned blue)
  • School techno-dry shorts or track pants (navy/black)
  • Sport shoes are to be worn

Health & Safety Considerations: Some areas of the school may have health and safety procedures that involve appropriate footwear, hair tied back and jewellery restrictions.