Cross Country Success

Congratulations to all those who participated in the Cross Country race.

The Westland High School Cross Country race was held on a track that included the Hokitika River bank. A shout out goes to Homeroom teacher, Ms Kylie O’Dowd, who doesn’t only walk the talk but also runs it! Those who achieved in the top 3  places went onto the West Coast  Cross Country events. They were

Year 7 boys:
1. Sam Hewitt
2. Eddie Rae
3. Oskar Crossman

Year 7 girls:
1. Jessie Smith
2. Makaiya Bishop
3. Siobhan Thornley

Year 8 boys:
1. Liam Smith
2. Riley Fleming
3. Toby Mahuika

Year 8 girls:
1. India  Keenan
2. Jorja Kyle
3. Shadow O’Rourke

Under 14 boys:
1. Waylon Caldwell  – who went onto to achieve 2nd place in the West Coast event in his age group
2. Riley Smith
3. Michael Lord

Upper 14 girls
1. Jessica Beri
2. Charlotte Provis
3. Mikayla Smith

Under 15 boys
1. Layk Scowen who went onto to achieve 1st place in the West Coast event in his age group
2. Alex Morris
3. Nate Croy

Under 15 girls
1. Cassidy Bradley
2. Portia Wyatt
3. Demi Pearson

Under 16 boys
Toby Lilley

Under 16 girls
1. Ella Towers
2. Meghan Scott
3. Kyah Te Kira Nolan

Under 19 boys
1. John Nolan
2. Andrew Bradley
3. Kalib Palmer

Under 19 girls
1. Holly Guilder
2. Nikita Towers
3. Hayley Hutchinson