Once Upon a Mattress

The latest Westland High School and Community production at the Regent Theatre 16 – 19 October 2019.

In 15th-Century Europe a dysfunctional kingdom is ruled by the devious Queen Aggravain and the mute King Sextimus the Silent. King Sextimus suffers from a curse that can only be reversed “when the mouse devours the hawk.”

Twelve princesses have been tested to see if they are worthy of marrying Prince Dauntless the Drab, but none of them have managed to pass the Queen’s slanted tests. Prince Dauntless’s best bud Sir Harry travels far and wide and finds Princess Winnifred the Woebegone.

A rush is on to marry the prince off as Sir Harry and Lady Larken have a bun in the oven and its ready to pop. Will Winnifred pass the test? Will she help break the curse? Why is the king chasing the chambermaid? And who on earth let the Wizard out? Come on a crazy journey to help find Prince Dauntless a wife and set the townsfolk free.

Don’t miss out on watching this latest Westland High School production, featuring students and the wider community. Tickets can be bought from the Regent Theatre.

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Friday 10 Dec

10th December Last day of term 4.

Friday 10 Dec

10th December Junior and middle school prizegiving takes place at the Regent theatre. Middle School 9am. Junio... [Read more]

Thursday 2 Dec

2nd of December Teacher Only Day. No School. This is a day set by the Ministry of Education and will be coveri... [Read more]

Monday 29 Nov

Westland Anniversay Day holiday. No school.

Monday 22 Nov

22nd November Senior Prizegiving takes place at the Regent Theatre at 6pm.

Monday 25 Oct

Labour day holiday. No School.

Monday 18 Oct

18th October. Term 4 begins

Friday 1 Oct

1st October. Last day of term 3.

Friday 24 Sep

24th September the Westland High School Ball takes place. More information regarding venue and other details w... [Read more]

Monday 13 Sep

13th September to 20th September is Te wiki o te reo Maori / Maori language week. Visit https://www.tewikioter... [Read more]
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