West Coast basketball tournament.

The Westland under 17 girls basketball team played in Greymouth over the weekend of the 11th May. Grace Jones (one of the players and our Head Girl), tells us how they played.

On Saturday the 11th of May the Westland under 17 basketball girls went up to Greymouth to compete in the West Coast basketball tournament. Our first game was up against Buller.  It was a very close and heated game with amazing teamwork from the ladies and great driving. We just came up short in the last twenty seconds; the score being 33-31 to Buller. The player of the game was Demi Pearson!

 Our second game was on Sunday the 12th of May against West Coast, with all the girls playing well and creating space for passing as well as not going down without a fight. West Coast came out on top. Our player of the day for that game was Kyah Te Kira Nolan. 

A massive thank you to Ms Packham and  Ms McLaughlin for being our coaches and supporting us throughout the games: we really appreciate the time you put in!! Also, good work to all the girls who played well.  We all did amazing and everyone is so proud of you. A quick congratulations to the Westland boys team that played amazingly as well, coming away with some wins! 

Grace Jones – Westland U17 team player and Head Girl