Year 9 William Pike Challenge Award

16 Students from Year 9 are taking up a challenge by choice - it includes community service, passion project and outdoors activities.

Search The Way is working with Westland High School to provide awards for the students:

William Pike Challenge Award for Year 9:  20 hours of community service (many of our students help with sports teams  already); 20 hours of a passion project (something they wish to learn more about) and 5 outdoor activities ( which are provided by Justin and Sylvia Blacklock, from Search The Way)

On Friday 21 June students learnt new knots, and  a small group caught up with a missed orientation activity.

On Track Leadership Awards: are stepping stones between the national and international awards

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award - for Year 10 and above is also offered. 8 WHS students have taken up the challenge.


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