Westland High School take part in the 2019 West Coast Special Olympics

On the 12th September 2019 we had some students attend the Special Olympics in Greymouth for a Basketball Tournament. Students included Liam Hanright, Kieran Hopkinson, Joshua Billings, Phoenix Jones and Tom McDonnell.

Once we arrived, Phoenix was approached to read out the Athletes Oath which he did. He stood tall and proud.

The day was a great success for all involved. Our students enjoyed a few warm up drills followed by 3 games against other schools across the district and some as far West as Papanui and North as Westport.

All the students have different levels of skills. Westland High School joined with Buller High School students and one from Grey Main School. They all did their very best. The games were challenging but our students dug deep and played with heart. Their communication was a key part of their team work.

Over all, everyone including staff had a brilliant day. Well done to our Boys!