Welcome to our new students

This term we welcome threee more international students to the fold.

In July we welcomed Isabella from Austria, Lennart from Germany and Annikki from Switzerland. Sakina from Japan is already half-way through her stay time here at Westland High School.

The students arrived ready for the first day of this term and experienced a powhiri to welcome them and our new Principal, Mr Nic Richards.

We would like to thank our Westland High School buddies, Riley Fleming, Georgia Ritchie, Maddie Given and Siobhan Thornley for helping the new students to settle in. 

All the students have been placed with local host families which is an important part of their experience. They learn first hand about NZ culture and we are grateful to our hosts for opening their homes to them.

In other news from the International Department, we are looking forward to welcoming our group of 20 students and two leaders from Edogawa City on the 15th August until the 23rd August. This will be their first visit since the pandemic. Westland High School has been welcoming students from Edogawa City for 20 years and we are proud of the hospitality our students and hosts show them when they are here.