Trip to Van Beek’s Blueberry Farm.

The AgHort class recently had a visit to a Blueberry farm to see how Blueberries are grown on the Coast.

On Wednesday 11 October, the senior AgHort class headed off for Westport. We were very lucky to be invited to Jenny van Beek’s blueberry operation to learn about how blueberries are grown on the West Coast.

After a long and windy drive, we learned about some of the key management practices involved in maximising the quantity and quality of the blueberries, and how they ensure that they have plenty of product to sell for as long as possible. We also got to try some lemonade fruit, feed goats and hold the chickens!

Over the next two weeks, we will be writing about what we learned and, hopefully, earning four more Level 2 credits in the process. Thank you so much to Jenny for inviting us to her farm and teaching us about how they get the most out of their blueberry plants.