The Matthews brothers – high achievers in the event of Wood chopping.

Congratulations to Jack and Scott Matthews for their big wins at the Westland A&P show in the wood chopping events!

We first got into woodchopping by attending a fun day in Hokitika. Both Scott and I had a go at chopping in underhand log which is when the axemen stand on top of the block. Most woodchopping events are seen at A&P shows and we were asked if we wanted to chop at the recent show in Hokitika. There was underhand, standing and sawing events with over 50 axemen coming from all over the South Island to compete.

Because it was our first event we decided it would be safer if we just used our training axes instead of racing axes that are seen at these events due to the sharpness of a racing axe. Although these days it is compulsory that axemen wear chainmail socks when they are competing.

As it was Scott’s and my first event we were in the Restricted class and got first and second over all and it was held over two days at the racecourse.

We had six races each over the two days which were all underhand chops. Both of us started on a handicap of three, but by the end of the weekend, Scott’s handicap was 25 and mine was 15, as we both got placings in the races we were in.

We are looking forward to this weekend as we are going to Nelson Creek to a chopping event.

By Jack Matthews 

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