The Matthews brothers compete on the International stage.

Scott and Jack Matthews have had astounding success at the Royal Adelaide show in Wood Chopping.

Scott and Jack Matthews travelled to Australia last term to represent New Zealand in Wood Chopping, at the Royal Adelaide Show. 

They are part of a team of nine New Zealand Under 21 colts who faced off against the Australian Under 21 team in a tri-series. As well as the international event, the boys  competed in underhand, standing and double sawing events. 

Jack is the youngest in the team at 15 and it was the first time the brothers have chopped outside the country they were very excited. We were just as excited for them too and exceptionally proud of their phenomenal achievements.

To complete their recent success, Scott also won the category of Achievement in Sport at the West Coast Sports awards held this Saturday. 


  • 1st 275mm Standing Block
  • 2nd 275mm Under hand handicap
  • 2nd 275mm Under hand handicap (this is another competition different to the one above)
  • 2nd 275mm Under hand


  • 1st 300mm Under hand handicap
  • 1st Equal U18's
  • 3rd Junior Under hand Championship

Scott and Jack

  • 1st Team of two Combination Handicap 275mm 

The whole team also won the overall event against our Trans-Tasman rivals, the Australians!