Student’s receive Manaakitanga badge

Congratulations to the students who were awarded the new Manaakitanga Values Recognition Award, last week at Assembly.

Manaakitanga is a core value of Westland High School. Manaakitanga involves consistently and selflessly demonstrating care and concern for fellow students, and others involved with the school. Manaakitanga is exemplified when students, who through their actions, show their care of their peers, visitors and others at school; show support of others, encourage with kindness and respect, and provide assistance, leadership and partnership in the support of others, in a positive and inclusive way. A good percentage of these students are often working behind the scenes and quietly getting on with what needs to be done.

Badge protocol: The badge is intended to be worn with school uniform and can be worn on either the school blazer or school jersey. The badge is a symbol of the respect and regard that Westland High School has for the recipients actions, values and citizenship, and can be worn with pride and appreciation.

Students are nominated for awards and then selected by the Senior Leadership team. Each student receives an explanation of the award and why they have received it, and the relevant badge.

Students who received this award are: Andrew Bradley, Alex Morris, Lauren Graham, Jackson Keenan, Kaiah Priest, Hayley Hutchinson, Grace Jones, Imogen Gilespie, Riley Fleming, Natal Priest, Aiden Carpenter, Rebecca Davis, Rhiannon Eason, Katelyn Smith, Suellen Powell, Mitchell Jones and Arnold Gibbens.

Not all students were available for the photo.

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