Students from Avignon, France

On the 8th May we welcomed Charles, Matteo, Paul, Juliette, Anais and Gabriel from Lycee Louis Pasteur High School in Avignon.

The students will be joining us for the entirety of Term 2, enjoying the warm hospitality of our local host families. Their schedule is packed with school, sports activities, and fantastic trips to explore the stunning sights of the West Coast. 

Since 2017, Westland High School has been proudly welcoming students from Avignon as part of an enriching programme. This wonderful initiative not only benefits our international students but also provides a great opportunity for their buddies to learn about a different culture while helping them integrate into our school and community. It's a fantastic way to promote diversity, foster friendships, and create a more inclusive environment for everyone involved. Let's continue to embrace these cultural exchanges and celebrate the beauty of diversity together!

If you're interested in becoming a host family, please contact