Students design new training shirts.

Signlink Graphics have been helping the students to create new training shirts for the Rugby Academy.

The Rugby Academy has been working on a design for new training shirts, with the creative design assistance from Dani Rochford, a Westland High School student. Dani created the foundation design elements and Tony Manuel, from Signlink Graphics, has been assisting the students through the stages of the process, helping to refine the design and make the shirts a reality. 

The original concept and narrative of the uniform comes from the academy with the Rugby Academy students brainstorming the concept. The designs included a representation of our Taniwha Poutini and Waitaiki (the mother of all pounamu).  They will adorn the sleeves of the soon to be completed academy jerseys. 

We would like to thank the whole team at Sign Link graphics who, after noting Dani’s talent and interest in art and design, took her on a tour of their facilities showing her machines which, to the untrained eye, looked like something straight off the Starship Enterprise. Dani had a great time with Tony and his team walking her though the printing process and giving her final say on her part of the design. It was particularly exciting to see Dani’s art being lifted from her sketch book and printed onto the shirts as testers. 

The final stages will see Signlink Graphics work further on the design, tailoring it to our students exacting standards and taking a conversation with some students four months ago into a wonderful final product. 

The personal approach Signlink Graphics took with the students has been astounding; not just taking the time to talk though the ideas with the students in the Rugby Academy, but bringing Dani up to their premises and giving her tutorials in Photoshop to help her actualise her vision. Thank you to Signlink Graphics for your time and efforts to bring this concept to life.