Students achieve High awards at Bluelight Course

Coby Foster and Legion Nuku both participated in the Bluelight Police programme recently and came away with high awards.

Bluelight is a registered charity that run programmes and activities free of drugs, alcohol and violence for young people. They work in partnership with the NZ Police and local communities to empower youth. Their aims are:

  • Reduce Youth Crime

  • Build Community Partnerships

  • Build Young Peoples’ Self Esteem

  • Enhance Community Safety

  • Build Positive Youth and Police Partnerships

These camps take young people away from distractions of everyday life, empowering students to hone their leadership skills and develop skills within a defense force setting.

NZ Blue light is committed to the Life Skills programme. The programme centres on a week live in experiential learning camp in partnership with the NZ Defence Force focusing on leadership training, practical skills, self-confidence and leaderless tasks.

We had two students taking part in the Blue Light course this year and they have both achieved really well. Legion Nuku received the Overall Excellence Award and Coby Foster received a Platoon Student Award. We are very proud of their achievements and know that they will utilise their skills learned, within their future pathways.


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