Staff head to Lake Māhinapua

Recently the staff had a professional learning development session at Lake Māhinapua, learning about the history of the lake and it's significance

Cultural competency is a key area of focus for staff in their professional development and practice. As part of an ongoing programme of professional development, our school’s teaching staff held their weekly staff meeting down at Lake Māhinapua to deepen their knowledge and understandings of the lake and its environs.

On a picture postcard day, our staff stood at the lake shore and discussed the history of the lake, its significance for mana whenua, and why understanding the reasons that Māhinapua is wahi tapu has implications for the learning of all of our students, but particularly for our Māori students. 

The Hikairo Schema for Secondary document (by Sonja and Angus Macfarlane and others) is another valuable resource being used to enhance teacher practice and capacity and supports the work that the school has been doing over the last few years in time spent at Arahura marae, engaging with mana whenua and their involvement in developments at school including the soon to be opened Hall and Administration block.

The trip out to Māhinapua was a great reminder of the importance of understanding our place in the world and our interwoven connections to the land and its stories. It was a beautiful day and a powerful reminder of the value of learning outside the classroom.