Spirit of Adventure

10 year 10's and Mrs Diplock recently experienced the trip of a lifetime on board the Spirit of Adventure.

Recently ten Year 10 students and lead teacher, Mrs Maryke Diplock, made their way to Tauranga Port to board the Spirit of Adventure ship for the Trophy Voyage, a competitive voyage against two other schools. It was such an incredible trip! One that they will all treasure for the rest of their lives. Life-long friendships were made on this voyage.

The experience not only gave the students new friends from other schools but also brought the Westland team together. The trip helped to build their teamwork, communication, and leadership skills through raft racing, beach games, fun activities like mini Olympics, dune restoration and even chores such as cleaning the deck and doing dishes. The Spirit journey challenged them on different levels from waking up at 6:30 to go swimming in the sea and then putting up sails, climbing the riggings and working on the different sail stations. It was hard work but very rewarding once they saw the results.

They were even lucky enough to unexpectedly come across a pod of dolphins ! They were so playful and made happy sounds as they swam along with the ship.

Overall, the Spirit of Adventure was an incredible opportunity! They all feel so fortunate to have had this experience! It is certainly an adventure they will never forget.