Showquest is a competition where students, New Zealand wide, come together to produce a dance performance to share following a theme or topic. This year Westland High School competed for the first time. The senior dance class and middle school dance class combined to create an 8.35 min dance.

Our theme for this performance was based on that of suicide and the dark inner thoughts we all have. How do we escape these thoughts? Where do they come from? What can we do to see the light of life and be happier? The students worked tirelessly in and out of school time to put together a contemporary and jazz performance with dramatic aspects and many costume changes. 

We traveled over to Christchurch the day of the performance and after a few stops for those affected by travel sickness, arrived eager and absolutely overwhelmed by the Town Hall Theatre. For the first time we were able to perform in a space made for dance. A space larger than the drama room and lit up by hundreds of LED lights. How exciting! 

The students started to feel the jitters and a few students had to take a moment back stage before we hit the spotlight. WOW what a performance. 1300 in the audience! Can you believe our little group of 22 students who have never performed in front of anyone ever before, graced that stage and danced their hearts out in front of 1300 people? I was very PROUD! 

Carmina Gaia and Kristyn Lang were our school captains and when asked to express their reasoning for such a heartfelt dance, they eloquently answered all questions put to them. The audience too, commented on their poise and the strength our team had, to put a raw and touching topic on stage. The students represented not only Westland High School but also the West Coast with the highest of levels of respect and dignity, and even when confronted with school groups numbered 150 strong, we didn't buckle or react. 

We didn't walk away with first prize or any minor prize but we did leave the Town Hall holding our heads high and even more excited than ever to get ready for next year. Whilst away we also took part in a ballet class. The students stretched and plied, stretched and jeted and stretched some more; all whilst enjoying the expansive dance room and mirrors (and not a selfie was taken). 

We share with you our performance and hope that you find your light today and that you too can be happier. Bring on next year!