Rural Health visit

recently we had a number of Health professionals come and visit the school and showcase the many different career options within Health.

It’s Friday morning and senior students from Westland High School are taking each other’s blood pressure, working with dental molds and participating in an emergency simulation. During the Rural Health Careers programme, students were exposed to various aspects of the medical field as they rotated through hands on activities and a powerpoint presentation about the many careers in health, the pathways, training providers and assistance schemes available such as the rural entry pathway.

Rural Health Careers programme is an outreach program that models medical education to large groups of rural high school students. This helps our students by modeling professionalism, providing role models, enhancing learning, and encouraging many to consider opportunities in the health professions.

Tertiary students fronting this programme were from rural backgrounds themselves and shared their background, some of their experiences and what it was like for them to prepare for and apply to various training institutions and disciplines.

They also spoke about what it is like for them now.

“I learned CPR, how to take someone’s pulse and how to help people,” said Sam Green. “And I had fun.”

“The medical students bring equipment that we don’t have at the school. This gives the students access to things they’d never ordinarily see.”