Outdoor Education trip to Craigieburn Forest Park

The Year 12 and 13 Outdoor Education class recently went on an overnight tramp in the majestic looking Craigieburn Forest.

The Senior Outdoor Education class, accompanied by teachers Mr Lee, Mr Talbot and International director Jane Brownie (photos), were divided into two teams for a 24 hour navigation exercise. They used topographic maps and compasses to navigate around a course collecting as many points as possible. The course was designed by Mr Barnes and Mr Metcalfe. The students had to work as a group and all of the group had to make it to each point. 

Later that night we all slept outdoors under tent flies. The students were responsible for carrying all their own food and equipment. It was great to see the leadership skills develop as the hours progressed.  

Mr Lee and Mr Talbot are patient and skilled outdoor education teachers whom the students respect. I was thrilled to be part of the trip.

Jane Brownie - International Director.