OUED classes out in the hills

The WHS Outdoor Education classes have been busy in the last few weeks of term.

Over the last 4 weeks of term the WHS Outdoor Education classes have been out in the hills for their assessments.

Week 7 saw the Level 3 crew head towards Jumble top but unfortunately due to weather had to cut their tramp short and come home early. Some hard decisions to make but they demonstrated our school values Rangatiratanga and Whanaungatanga and worked together to decide that a return home the way they had come was the best option. Well done team.

Week 8 the Level 2 class tramped in some beautiful weather to Carroll Hutt where they enjoyed some stunning views.

Week 9 the Middle School (Year 9 and 10's) class went overnight to Cedar Flats Hutt. Another crisp tramp but enjoyed by everyone.

This week the Level 1 class headed out to Cass Lagoon Saddle for two nights and staying in West Harper Hutt and Cass Saddle Hutt.