Ōtira tunnel 100 years commemoration

It's the 100 years commemoration on, August 4th 2023, of the Ōtira tunnel and some of our students have been involved in painting the tunnel along with many other West Coast schools.

A small group of our Westland High School students had the priviledge of having a hand in a history making event.

During the recent school holidays and then again last week Maya Towers, Rebekah Provis, Cyndel Jackson and Makayla Potgieter travelled to the small settlement of Ōtira where they were permitted to complete a painting of their choice. Each were given an 800 x 600 mm area on which to paint their image or picture.

The first day was damp so not much painting was able to be done, but the next trip was on a bright sunny day and the girls were able to complete their paintings.

These girls not only had a part in a history making event they also showed tenacity and resiliency by giving up time during the holidays and a weekend. Their paintings and those done by the other students from West Coast schools can be found in the rail-line underpass just off state highway 73 in Ōtira.

A big thank you to Dianne Gordon Burns (Ōtira) who coordinated this commemoration activity and invited Westland High School to be a part of it.