On Track and William Pike Challenge Award Success

19 Year 9 students started with the challenge by choice of the William Pike Challenge Award and On Track Leaderships Awards. 16 have completed the challenge and will have their awards presented at the Middle School prize giving.

Our thanks to Justin and Silvia Blacklock, from Search The Way,  who administered the awards and empowered our students to succeed.

Congratulations go to the following students who achieved the On Track Leadership Award & Badge Level 1, and William Pike Challenge Award & Badge

Year 9

· Bless Groome 

· Beata Koprowski 

· Scott Matthews 

· Connor Greig 

· Cody Dando 

· Kaira Lourie 

· Robert Hotter 

· Amber Doherty 

· Rohatai Fernandez 

· Jonathin Bradley 

· Cameron Smith 

· Michael Lord 

· Poppy Johnston-Coates 

· Waylon Caldwell 

· Ella Stewart 

· Shyana Herbert