Koru games

What a fantastic experience for the students. Thank you to the parents and student coaches who really stepped up to make this event memorable.

On the last week of term, we went to Christchurch to participate in the Koru Games sports competition.

On Monday, we met at school at 9 o'clock then hit the road at around 9:20 and stopped at Arthurs Pass for a toilet stop. Then stopped at Springfield for lunch and hit the road again at about 1: 30 ish and made it to the Tasman Holiday park at around 2:30 ish. Once everybody had arrived we went to the dining room and got our room keys. After that we got our stuff and headed to our rooms to put our stuff away. Then we went to explore the place and at 5:00 we headed to Margaret Mahy and played there for a bit. We had pizza for dinner and after that we headed back to the Tasman Holiday Park and got ready for bed. We had trouble sleeping because we were all so excited about the games coming up. By Olivia Cuff and Olivia Morrison.

Day 2 - Sport

After a long night we got up at 6.am because we had to be ready to leave at 7.30am. We had breakfast at 7.am and everyone left at 7.30am to get to the opening ceremony on time. The netball van arrived with lots of time to spare. We all sat down at our allocated spots to listen to the opening ceremony speeches. After the long speeches we all went off to different sports. The netball team went and warmed up. The games were 10 minute halves. We played our first game and everyone had lots of fun even though we lost. Throughout the day we played a total of 4 games. We won 1 game, tied 1 game and lost the other 2. It was really hot and everyone was red in the face and was sweating. By Renny Jones and Lucy Crossman.

Day 3 

We woke up around 6 and had breakfast before heading off to Selwyn sports center where we played over the week. We had another 4 games this day and won them all 3:0. We had a bit of spare time so we were able to support the basketball teams as they were in the same arena. We headed back to the holiday park and on the way we detoured past a couple malls. When we got back to the holiday park we chilled out for a couple hours and then got ready to go to the trampoline park. We were shown a safety video then were allowed inside. We spent hours there and had lots of fun. We got back at around 8:00 and had fish n chips for dinner. By Lizzy Pigott and Esther Birchfield.

Day 4

Day 4 was the final day and we were all knackered. We had to play rugby against Cheviot and lost to them 40-10 and then we played Clearview.

The highlight of the trip was having fun. We had so much fun with our friends playing rugby, on the go-karts, at the trampoline park, and at the Margaret Mahy park. It was just all a lot of fun. By Ali Redpath, Kaidyn Neaves, Harlyn Cousins.