Kai Whakapai is online!

Kai Whakapai is now online! No more having to find cash, just login and complete your order and payment electronically.

Using the Kindo/Ezylunch system it’s easy, convenient, and open 24/7. Currently only lunch items are available for ordering online and the cut off for ordering online is 9am daily. We still provide morning tea as per the menu but are only selling this over the counter at this stage. Go to our website www.westlandhigh.school.nz and click on the Kai Whakapai tab along the top menu where you can view the menu and register or login if you already have an account (or simply Click here to go direct). We now have a lunchtime pre-order window at the cafe, so hopefully it will be quicker for students to pick up their lunch. Otherwise we continue to be mindful of feeding your students, our staff and visitors to the school well and look after our planet by serving in compostable packaging and reusing everything we can down to banana bags for rubbish bags! Smoothies and milkshakes have gone off lately over the summer months, the smoothies have soaked chia seeds in them along with lemon slices, a banana and apple juice. Milkshakes are simply a banana, ice cream and milk and a scoop of milo to make them chocolatey if liked. Remember if you are feeling stretched or tired, eat well and water yourself and sit and smell the roses...literally!  

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