International Department update

We are thrilled to be hosting 10 international students here at Westland High School this term.

Our students Eric, Margot, Paloma, Maëlle, Juliette and Camille from 
Lycee Louis Pasteur a Avignon in France arrived on the 1st May and will be here for Term 2. Sakina from Tokyo, Japan will be with us until the end of the year,  Johanna and Sophie from Germany will stay until the end of Term 2 and Marlene from Germany who has been with us since July 2022 will stay until the end of Term 2, also.

We know that  our international student buddies and many of the  senior students have made our international students feel welcome and have also become friends. That's the wonderful thing about cultural exchange - new friends.

We also have some wonderful families who have opened their hearts and their homes to show our new students what life is like on the West Coast.

In Term 3 we welcome Lennart from Germany, Annikki from Switzerland and Isabella from Austria for two terms as well as our 20 students from Edogawa City, Tokyo, Japan who will stay in Hokitika and attend Westland High School for 7 days in August.

If you are interested in hosting an international student please contact Jane Brownie on (021) 1505568 or