Important Property updates

We have had a few last minute changes that have enabled us to start the upgrade of the Junior Block in A Wing sooner than anticipated.

Kia ora students and whanau

This is an update before the school holidays on a number of building projects that are happening at Westland High School. Most classes in A Wing (Juniors) will for term 4 be located in the following rooms. This is to start the complete upgrade of the Junior rooms in A Wing. We expect classes to be back in A Wing for the start of term 1, 2020.

  • Room 1 (Mrs Veale Y7/8) remain in A Wing

  • Room 2 (Mrs O’Dowd Y7/8) moves to room 25

  • Room 3 (Mrs Hulme Y7/8) moves to room 6 (B Wing)

  • Room 5 (Bi-Lingual class) moves to room 26 (old staff room)

2. The outdoor walkway between A, B and C Wing (Gravel carpark)

The decking will be removed over the holidays, fencing is already up and will remain this way for the rest of the year. Services under the existing deck will be maintained and or repaired, including any asbestos remediation. This is the beginning of the preparation work for the Hall and Administration rebuild.

3. Gym/Covered courts

The covered courts should be completed by the end of November and the Gym, office spaces and pavilion ready for the start of the new school year.

5. Hall/Rebuild

The building consent has been sent to the council with the intention of building commencing early 2020, i.e February. The area of gravel carpark will have the fencing extended to remove all access to this area including the sealed carpark. This carpark will no longer be accessible from the start of the project. We will let you know more about this in term 4. The total build is expected to take between 12 and 18 months.

Stage one of the build will include:

  • Firewall strengthening of the guidance counsellor room

  • Renovation of the staff room and Student support hub

  • Renovation of the toilets in B Wing

  • Strengthening of wall and fireproof linings added

  • Minor groundwork preparation 

7. Rationalisation (removal of Rooms 24/25/26)

This will occur during the Christmas school holidays

8. Spouting

During the school holidays and into term four, contractors will be on-site replacing about 80% of the school spouting.

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