From the desk of the Academic Deputy Principal

Greetings, this marks the 8th week of term three and an important milestone for academia in the Senior School.

Last week senior school students sat the derived grade examinations - sometimes referred to as practice exams. This set of examinations are important for a range of reasons:

  1. If a student is unable to sit the end of year actual examinations then the grade they gained in the derived grade exams can be used (note the criteria for the awarding of these is quite specific)

  2. These exams assist both the teacher and the learner in recognising areas for further teaching and learning in preparation for the end of year examinations.

  3. Students who did not sit the DGE are at a disadvantage. Where medical certificates have been provided for absences from the DGE - students have been given the opportunity to sit the DGE.

The NZQA end of year examinations begin on Monday 7th November, and finish on 2nd December 2022. This LINK will take you to the timetable on NZQA.

This year study leave for senior students will begin on Thursday 3rd November. Please note that during study leave teachers will be calling for students to attend exam tutorials. It is very important that students attend these sessions.

A reminder also that the Mathematics Learning Area hold after school tutorials every Monday through the school year, in the West Hub. These sessions are open to all students.

Study leave is a precious commodity, and it is important that students have a plan for their at home study time.

Tips for productive at home study:

  • Create a daily study timetable

  • Have a dedicated study space (away from noise and other distractions)

  • Take regular short breaks and include exercise in these breaks

  • Drink lots of water, remembering that the recommended daily intake of water is 1 ½ - 2 litres of water (sugary drinks are not recommended)

  • Eat sensible snacks (remember the four good groups and 5 + of fruit and vegetables daily)

  • Teachers will also give students study tips for their particular subject, it is wise to follow these, and also for students to contact their teachers if they are unsure about anything

  • Teachers are at school during study time, and available to assist outside of the planned tutorials

  • During the examination period it is also important to have lots of sleep, at least 8 - 10 hours per night

  • Hanging out with mates, and staying up late is not recommended.

  • Turn off social media for the duration of the examinations. This will assist with concentration and focus.

Parents, caregivers, whānau, if you have any questions about helping your tamariki with a productive study plan, please contact either myself - Academic Deputy Principal or Yvette Krohn Academic Leader Senior School, Westland High School.

Kia kaha
Adrienne Reeves
Deputy Principal Westland High School