Fire station visit

The Junior hub students are learning about water.

Students in the junior hubs are learning about water - how much we use, what we use it for, and the security of our water supply.

Cooper Reed in JHE, whose dad is a volunteer fireman, organised a class visit for us to the local Fire Station.

John explained the importance of having a readily available water source to fight fires. He told us about the WHS fire 5 years ago. The fire was fought with 9 fire appliances with their existing water in tanks, using 4 Hydrants, and a helicopter with a monsoon bucket that worked for a couple of Hours. Over 80 firefighters attended the blaze.

The amount of water needed to fight this fire was huge. We have learned, that as individuals, we each waste a considerable amount of water in our homes.

Did you know that toilets use 6 liters of water per flash (interesting fact)

Our next field trip is to the water treatment plant at Blue Spur?